The Dept. of Justice (DOJ) wastes American taxpayer money to fund cruel and wasteful live tissue training on pigs, goats, and possibly dogs.

The DOJ sent $131,793 of your tax money to the FBI and U.S. Marshals service for animal that would land an individual in jail.
During live tissue training, pigs, goats, and sometimes even dogs are shot, stabbed, burned alive, and blown up. Then, inexperienced bureaucrats crudely attempt to repair the damage as the victims suffer. Many of the victims die during these botched surgeries, and those who survive are killed anyways.
What’s worse? The DOJ doesn’t need to butcher live animals for training. They already own more effective and more cost-efficient human patient simulators!  Even the Defense Department has criticized live tissue training as “outdated and cost-prohibitive.” There’s simply no excuse for these atrocities.
If you don’t want another penny of your hard-earned tax dollars spent on this abuse, please fill out the form below to send an email to your Members of Congress urging them to defund DOJ live tissue training!


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