WCW shocked the world when our investigators revealed Dr. Fauci’s cruel and wasteful experiments on dogs…which were all funded by taxpayers.

Do you think this is how tax dollars should be spent?

  • $424,000 on experiments where beagles were eaten alive by sandflies.
  • $1.68 million to poison beagle puppies and cut out their vocal cords.
  • $18 million to strap capsules of inflected flies onto their bare skin, without pain relief.
  • $5.6 million to infect beagle puppies with “mutant” bacteria, and cover them in up to 250 ticks.

If you said “NO!”, you’re not alone. #BeagleGate has made international headlines, and united Americans across the political spectrum.

Please sign this urgent petition, telling Congress to pass the PAAW (Preventing Animal Abuse and Waste) Act (HR 6186). This important legislation would prohibit Dr. Fauci from performing, funding, or otherwise supporting any “maximum pain” or other painful experiments on dogs.

It’s time to end Dr. Fauci’s taxpayer-funded torture.