The bipartisan PAAW (Preventing Animal Abuse and Waste) Act would prohibit the National Institutes of Health from funding any painful experiments on puppies and dogs. 

Vocal cords RIPPED out. Poisoned and debarked. Eaten alive by ticks and hungry sand flies. Injected with cocaine and fentanyl. Four-month-old puppies. No pain relief. 

It's time to end the NIH’s taxpayer-funded torture. If you agree, please fill out the form below to send an email to your Congressmember urging them to pass the PAAW Act! 

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White Coat Waste Project’s BeagleGate campaign has exposed how the National Institutes of Health (NIH) continues to fund hundreds of horrific experiments on dogs with your taxpayer dollars. Innocent beagles go through immense pain during these wasteful experiments: 

  • $$5 million to inject puppies with cocaine and fentanyl.
  • $1.68 million to poison beagle puppies and cut out their vocal cords. 
  • Over $20 million to breed beagles, Scotties and other dogs to suffer bleeding disorders 
  • $11 million to infest beagle puppies with ticks in maximum pain tests 
  • $10 million to round up discarded pet dogs, infest them with biting flies and kill them 

Is this how you want your tax dollars spent? If you said “NO!”, you’re not alone. #BeagleGate has made international headlines, and united Americans across the political spectrum. 

The PAAW (Preventing Animal Abuse and Waste) Act would prohibit NIH from performing, funding, or otherwise supporting any “maximum pain” or other painful experiments on dogs.