Demand Congress End the U​.​S. Government’s Cat Experiments

The U.S. government funds sadistic and wasteful experiments on cats and kittens. Millions of your tax dollars have been wasted to torture cats—some as young as three months old—in mad science experiments run by bureaucrats in white lab coats: 

  • The Dept. of Veterans Affairs wasted $5 million to cripple and asphyxiate kittens. 

  • The National Institutes of Health shipped over $500,000 to a lab in Russia that cut apart cats’ brains and forced them to run on treadmills. 

  • The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture wasted $22 million on “kitten cannibalism” experiments. It rounded up cat meat from China’s wet markets and fed it to kittens inside a federal lab. 3,000 kittens were slaughtered and incinerated by your government. 

The White Coat Waste Project is on a mission to get the U.S. government out of the cat experimentation business. Please sign your name and submit the form below to demand Congress end ALL wasteful spending on cat and kitten experiments. 

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